UK-wide hassle-free house removals

Moving house takes a lot of time and effort — that’s why it’s often billed as one of the most stressful experiences. Focused provide an affordable, simple service to help you relocate, from smaller cosier homes to larger three-storey houses, anywhere in the city.

  1. Fill in the form below to get a free quote from us
  2. We’ll email you the quote — you confirm it via email or phone
  3. One day prior to your move, we’ll call to remind you of your removals booking, and ensure there’s parking space available at both properties
  4. We’ll ask you to make sure all your possessions are packaged up and labelled appropriately. If you need your possessions boxed up, that’s another service we provide »
  5. Your allocated Focused staff will turn up on the day of the move at the appointed hour
  6. We’ll load your boxes into our truck and ensure it’s all secured, and then use GPS to take the fastest route to your new property
  7. We’ll unload your boxes and move the lot to the appropriate rooms in your new property
  8. Disassembled furniture is reassembled in its new place
  9. That’s it! We’ll wish you a pleasant day and bid you many happy memories in your new home